Signs that It's Going to be a LONG DAY

I was so comfy this morning that I literally did not want to move nor open my eyes. I knew it was going to be one of those days. Why?

1) I had to wake up a half an hour earlier (6am) to drop off LML farther away.
2)It's raining and my windshield wipers are dead
3)It took me a half an hour to drive home from where I was in the rain (i.e. windshield wipers) when it's usually a 10 minute morning drive.
4)I am waiting for 2 packages to come in the mail that have not yet
5)I am waiting on something else that I can't mention until it happens- make that 2 things.
6)My nephew called me at 9 to inform me that he had a high fever last night, so he's home waiting for me. Where am I? When am I going to get there? (No intention of going out today because of said windshield wipers, btw)
7)Forgetting the things I had to do at home, where I was supposed to stay and do them.
8)Traffic going to my parents house to see said nephew- who wasn't there when I got there.
9)Having to go run 2 errands in Guam with family, and getting stuck in an extra hour's worth of traffic.
10)Coming home from shopping WITHOUT AN UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER! (this is annoying because I need an ugly sweater for my bff'a Christmas Party. It has to be the ugliest one...where the hell are they?!)
11)Coming home to a still-sleeping puppy. Thanks, pup.12) Wanting to kick LML for many reasons, though knowing I shouldn't because he's so good to me.
13) Not time to blog, ponder, photograph anything...
15)Stupid AT&T upping my bill for no reason except that they feel like it...wait until I cancel their service.
16)Stupid weather=stupid hair day.


Maybe I will be more optimistic after a glass of wine, and LML coming home? Going to squeeze my puppy...


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  1. Give your puppy a big squeezy hug. That will definately help.
    Maybe, you should have just stayed in bed ;-)


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