See that bottle of wine? That's what I needed last night. Hopefully, today it won't be necessary.
Since I turned 21, LML and I have been touring the vineyards of LI. We have tasted wine from all around the world and I have yet to find my favorite. My tastes usually go for red wine. When it's a white wine, it has to be just the tiny bit sweet.

Isn't it weird that 5 years after we begin our wine tasting frenzy, it becomes the most popular thing to do in New York? Bachelorette Parties rent limos out there to tour the vineyards. Of course, (and I have observed this many a time) those girls usually GET to the vineyards completely smashed. A lot of the vineyards now have a sign outside that says no limos or busses allowed. Good! If you saw a drunkard stumble into your winery and started smashing things, how long would you allow that to happen?

This year was filled with friends and wine. Touring the vineyards through the winter, spring and summer was so much fun. I hope this year will be even more fun :)



  1. Have you been to Pindar or Duckwalk vinyards? They're right out by Greenport, and have great wines.

    For my 22nd birthday I went to a vinyard and had this wonderful honey wine! It was fantastic, almost like a meade!

    You might like Riesling if you prefer a sweeter white wine. It's yummy.

    Great pictures!

  2. We've actually been through all the vineyards...I should list them in this post! It's been an obsession of ours :) Riesling is one of my favorites- I know I have a picture of a bottle somewhere on this computer.

    Love you!


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