Frugal Makeup Fun

Ever have those mornings where you don't know where to begin with what's going on? Where, almost accidentally do you go to pour your creamer into a candle, and not your coffee mug right next to it? Where you start writing down appointments in your agenda book- in the wrong month?
That's the kind of morning I am having.
Yesterday morning, started off pretty much the same way. LML told me to write a letter to a hated company- which I'm sure all you homeowners know about, so I won't name names. He called me later on hysterical laughing.
Me: what's so funny?
LML: are you ok?
Me: eh?
LML: did you re-read the letter that you wrote?
Me: No. It was fly by the seat of my pants, so I didn't.
LML: Good. That's why you sound about ready to rip off someone's face.
Me: Really?
LML: (still laughing) I hate you (hated company name here). All you want is more money, more money! People are in dire needs of jobs in this economy, and you try to screw them any which way you can.
Me: I did NOT write that...
LML: It would've sounded more polite...

Thus, I was forced on a spa day so that I could relax. OK?! Off to the spa I go. (Manicure: Essy Simple. Pedicure: Pink Parka by Essy)
And while I'm there, I'm thinking that the MAC makeover I wanted was $50 worth of makeup. I love MAC makeup, but do I have the time or the energy to sit in the chair for that long, meanwhile I'm doing nothing tonight?
I trek on over to Target. Again. You did see this coming, didn't you? I got all this:

for less than $50. It's the same ingredients. I know for a fact they work, because many a makeup artist that I know use them. Did I do a good thing or a bad thing? Let's just say it seems like more bang for the buck...and it makes me happy :)

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