A weekend less crazy

(photo shot by my hunny, sometime around 2003. i don't eat donuts unless it's a treat anymore)

A weekend less crazy would be a welcomed- treat for all. I would love for one weekend to:

*as usual, be wakened to doggie snuggles and kisses, while in the arms of LML
*have the three of us have breakfast in bed in front of a roaring fireplace (this one hasn't happened yet, but maybe we can go to a hotel to have it accomplished!
*to shut off all cell phones, and hide from all outside interruptions
*to walk around in the snow with my small puppy, so that we could only see him via his outfits, and his eyes and nose :D
*to have yummy hotchocolate in front of previously said fireplace...
*to just get out of NY

will post more tomorrow...

love me,
the globetrotting gamine


  1. Thank you for visiting me...I agree with your wishes...they all sound so lovely. Happy week to you.

  2. Hey love! Hope you at least had fun at lunch with me Saturday(unless I was the so called miserable person... :P )!
    Great blog!!

  3. Have a wonderful week, koralee! I'll be visiting your blog again soon! (i <3 it)

    EatGrass- you were soooo not the miserable person...I actually told you about the miserable person though! I can't wait to go out again soon!!



heart to hearts...