*I ordered business cards!
*and a T-Shirt, and a pen
*and sticky decalls
*went out and found dinner! (Domino's, since I knew I was going for sushi today)
*received a rejection letter!
*realized I need a publishing agent
*made a new list of goals for the upcoming year...

and that's it. It was kind of a mind-numbing and upsetting day after that- but nothing that I want to talk about. Just that, when people are miserable they try to bring everyone else down with them and the notion makes me sick. If someone is doing well for themselves and/or for their family, then why can't you just be happy for them instead of wishing the worst or saying the worst about them behind their back. Obviously, this is because one is too scared and too struck-stupid to approach someone. Yuck.
These people should just all co-habitate in one state all together. Then, maybe they would find some joy in their misery, since everyone is miserable. What do you think?

I have a ton of dates of various events I'd like to enter in my planner, just so I could keep track of everything in case I am bored or have a free moment to check things out. Wouldn't it be nice to just flip through a planner and have that happen? Every day this week, LML comes home with interesting, exciting news and we both feel like its a waiting game to see what will happen and when.

I have a pile of books that I haven't even attempted to read yet, and about 3 boxes filled with the like, that LML shoved into the overhead closets last week. Out of sight, oui? I wish...Today should be a good day, filled with friends, and laughs and sushi. Despite the weather, we're going to go shopping and have a great time...and hopefully, I won't be so tired as to stay home instead of go out for drinks with more friends :)

The rest of our closet makeover:

And another of my favorite pairs of shoes: (so happy I've finally whittled down to all the pairs I really, truly love)

More later,



  1. Hi there, thanks for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog, I adore your profile what a determined girl!You will get published, I am now following your exploits!! Sharon (UK) xxx

  2. Thank you for visiting!! Your blog is one of my very favorites! I follow it religiously!



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