To leave or not to leave...

I am currently on budgettravelonline.com looking up budget-friendly places to get on out of NY. I realize it's ironic to want to leave the one place in the world that people would love to live in/visit...but I need a breath of fresh air! Therefore, I am on a quest to find out if and where I can recharge my batteries, and have the batteries of LML recharged to. This is what LML and I were discussing last night...

Yep. Basically, just getting out of here. He agrees. Let's see how this pans out for us, because both of our plates are full to capacity at this point, and if we don't recharge, we'll burn out. And probably, me first!

More soon,


  1. I know what you mean! It is so that time of year when we all need a break.

  2. If I could read blogs like yours all day, it's a great distraction! But that gypsy inside of me is jumping up and down like a kid who has to pee, saying let's get out of here!!

    Hope you had a wonderful day! Thank you for stopping by!



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