The Shopping Adventure

A few days ago I mentioned that LML, BFF and I went shopping at a neighboring TJ Maxx. This is what I purchased: (Photo 1from L-R, flowy shirt, purple long tee, guess leopard print top, printed sweater...Photo 2 from L-R black silky top, and green meshy sweater.)

Please look at the photos below, which labels how much they were:

I'm sorry they came out so blurry! The grand total of all above clothing was: $20.30.
Isn't that unreal? We totally got lucky! Of course, BFF picked pieces that ranged between $.30-1.00. UNBELIEVABLE! That just goes to show that you always find the best deals when you're not looking for them!
LML also threw in a pair of shoes that I'd been wanting that were on sale for $29! Will blog with photos about those later!

Saw this gorgeous photo shoot in Elle Magazine and wanted to share it with you...forgot which month though, sorry : l

oops, let's turn it the right way around, shall we?


Enjoy your morning!


  1. Thanks for your nice comment! WOW you got such steals here :)

  2. holy!! awesome shopping SKILLZ! lol. :)

    I never get those fantastic deals- so lucky!

  3. I did get steals...I always saunter over to the clearance aisles :D It's a habit...

    You WILL get those deals. I believe it! *sending shopping vibes your way!*



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