Greenport: A Maritime Village

Since I was a little girl growing up in...well, suburbia...Greenport would be the town that my family I would spend the majority of our summers in. Actually, between Riverhead and Orient Point. Every town between these two places are my most favorite places in New York. Greenport holds such a place in my heart, that it is my dreamy-wish to own a big white house near the water there (complete with a wrap around porch, and blue shutters and a tire swing in the backyard).

There are so many wonderful goings- on throughout the year in these little towns. Vineyard tours/wine tasting all year round, fancy Zagat rated restaurants, and family-owned boutiques and art galleries line the streets. Greenport itself is like a land out of a fairytale, where everyone greets you warmly and, if you go often enough, they know you by name. At the very least, they know what you like to order, be it you are in a deli or coffeeshop.

Here are some photos from our last weekend there:

This will obviously NOT be my last entry about Greenport. I am there as often as I get a chance to be. Will post more about it soon. Try to get there if you're ever in the area!!



  1. I heart these pictures - Greenport is absolutely adorable - and enchanting.

    To answer your question, the Mini Latte Coffee Cup Ring was made by charlieccbb (http://www.etsy.com/shop/charlieccbb) on Etsy. Aren't her creations the cutest?! :)

  2. Hi :) Thanks for visiting my blog <3

    My Goodness...it's been the cutest ring I've seen in a REALLY long time! I am checking her out right now! Thank you so, so much for commenting!!!

    Much Love,


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