Often times, I am convinced that everything comes full circle. What goes around, comes around. Sometimes, faith and hope should take over... at least when you fly by the seat of ones pants. Wish I could fly by the seat of mine.

Today, without my camera which LML has chosen to take to work with him- my 'office' (dining room table) is a mess. What does that mess include?
* Piles (5 different ones) of envelopes to various locations.
* A pile of to-do lists and paperwork
* 5 v. different magazines
* A half drunk cup of coffee

( As I write this, I am listening to Martha Stewart saying that she's been to Kalamata. I miss Kalamata, Greece)

Continuing on with my list:
* an empty vase now filled with pens
* a box of new envelopes
* glue and mod podge
* a picture frame I am on the second phase of crafting
* my doggie-apparel prototype
* lemon juice (for the water i have finished as per my nausea. No, I'm not pregnant. Why do people always believe I am pregnant when I am nauseous?!)
* Pictures to scan

This is nothing compared to what my desk looked like an hour ago. Researching is hard work, especially when you need an assistant. I was thinking of hiring my sister as one, but that would be a total nightmare.
Why?  I know we would never get anything done. ? There is always so much to be done that it is too overwhelming. Being nauseous doesn't help, waiting on pending paperwork does not either. Ridiculous. I envy the people who are more productive throughout the course of the day than I am. I am off to sketch and piece together a pre-prototype for my next piece.

Still have not done anything for the business except getting my first prototype done, while the dog next door, barks barks away.

More later on, lots to say! Hope you're well and having a good day!


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