Hold on tight, squirrel!! There goes October!

Today is the 2nd day of November. Every year, it seems like October goes by too fast, and November goes by too slow. Today, I have a deadine with the product I've created, which needs to be reviewed with the manufacturers this week. Starting a business? Definitely not not easy!! Aside from the obvious, which I've researched my eyes out over there is:
*never-ending to do lists
*to design the business cards
*to design the clothing tags
*design, design, design
*talk to suppliers
*research, research, research (which thankfully, I did a lot of this weekend while we went away)
*notes, notes, notes
*more lists

It's not easy. It's very time consuming, without stating what I already have to do with everyday life. Needless to say, if I had a job right now while trying to pursue everything, I'd be pulling the little hairs out of my head!

I have countless friends who have very full schedules: one who is never home (that's the one who's house I had to clean over the summer- check out that post!) because of all these "appearances" she has to make. She doesn't really have to, but she does anyway because she believes her reputation will be all the better for it. I hope it is.

Another friend, whp has her hands full, yet still has time to pursue everything...I often wonder how the former would rather be out than sleep. I need sleep or I can't function- though I know I would get more done by not sleeping. But my health comes first...and that mentioned 'appearance' friend doesn't see it that way. Infuriating!

Anyone have any 'starting a business' tips??

Still on my first cup of (LARGE) Dunkin' Donuts coffee- I must bid thee farewell until later if I want to get everything done! Blogging and Bloggers keep me inspired & motivated!!


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