On a day like this...

I would love to:
* pack and get out of here
* to shake people until they wake up and figure out how to save themselves rather than to have someone save THEM
*have an assistant
*have a desk (!)
*stay home and sleep
*have a spa day, I have no idea what I'm saving it for
*have someone to clean the kitchen. Just the kitchen. or, a working dishwasher (!)
*have an office/art studio to store said desk and assistant...and also, so I can draw...

(puppy drawings by me)

Instead I have to:
*work on the samples
*pay for the business cards
*drop puppy off to groomers
*shop for neccesities (apparently, I have forgotten how to spell this morning...)
*do the laundry (3 loads- including fluffing & folding, putting away,etc)
*tweak the photography webpage with my friend, C
*continue on the lists
*still fix my agenda book
*pay the rest of the builds
*maybe buy stamps
*go through the storage units to see what i am donating/giving away
*see if I have Christmas cards...to start on those.
*organize photos online
*correspondence, correspondence
*copyright/trademark brand/label name

Any advice? Aside from a much needed happy-hour?


Cutest thing ever

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