Morning? Already?!

I feel like yesterday never ended! Let's see...what happened yesterday?

*finally got out of the house
*went to target to buy the things we needed...also, cookies for my puppy
*thought about what i would be doing if I was at my old job, and realized I was much happier at Target, watching the screaming kids drive their parents crazy
*realized I miss my old job just a little- minus the screaming kids.
*purchased Cecelia Ahearns new novel
*dropped off Mr. Pups to the groomers. When he turned around to look at me as they carried him away, I could have cried. I could swear I heard him say, Bye Mama
*did the laundry
*paid the bills
*picked up Mr. Pups, who looked ever so fresh with his new 'do
*bought him back to my parents house so they could see his makeover (they loved it)
*spoke to the co-creative director of my business
*made a contact with a potential buyer
*made lists of what to do with product now that the samples are out the door
*wondered what the new samples will look like when they get back
*oh yeah, I ate a lean cuisine! lol
*waited for LML to get home, and realized I forgot to buy eggs
*started Cecelia Ahearn's new novel
*folded and put away said laundry
*washed the floors and the dishes
*dropped off magazines to the rehabilitation center my Grandma is at

Whew. I think that's it. Todays list is not any easier! I would love to get some baking and cooking done...but I feel like there will be no time. Sigh.

More soon,


  1. I know time flies. Looks like you did a lot though.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your page is my first stop in the morning!




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