I think Hoarders is by far, the scariest show on TV. I watch it under the covers, gripping them tightly as the cameras pan around households. I gasp whenever one of the Hoarders start going through their own stuff (i.e. garbage) slowly. Eeps. What makes you WANT all that shit in your house? Don't you want to be able to walk barefoot around your house without worrying you're going to stub your toe, or catch a disease?! Eew. Check out this link for photos :http://www.aetv.com/hoarders/photos/

Is it just me that wants to run into these peoples homes, slap them around, and make them throw each and every item away? Because I really think that's what they deserve. If you follow closely, all of these people have some sort of sickness, or have had...not the compulsiveness of this 'disease' but massive health issues. And they look like they're lost. Why?!?!?!?!?!?! Why would you subject yourself to live in squalor? And your family, too? No one taught you how to mop? freaking buy one and USE IT! I'm sure you've seen people clean on TV, it's not too hard. Geez.

Does anyone else watch this show in agony?!



  1. I have seen this show, but I feel bad for them. Their sick, hitting them wouldn't fix the problem- but helping them recognize the issue will. Also therapy. There are reasons that they all have for having this terrible problem. Ultimately they don't see their living conditions to be as awful as they actually are.

  2. I love you, but I definitely don't feel bad. They don't see an issue, and if they do they just want to let it stay there, fester and rot. Therapy might help, prolonged bouts of therapy...but no one is going to want a used bottle of French Vanilla Creamer because they went to France and it's funny. They need to use those big black contractor bags and get rid of the crap. Aren't they afraid of their own physical, emotional and spiritual well-being? They get depressed, they get sick, they don't recognize they have a problem until the law steps in...
    I'd love to help them throw things away.

  3. It's like being mad at a person who is depressed, or a person who has had OCD manifest in another way. They absolutely have a problem, and they may even see it- but usually they are unable to help themselves (in which case therapy would most likely help).
    I've only seen a few episodes, but I feel bad for them. But I feel bad for most people who don't know any better.


heart to hearts...