Tiny Hiatus from Blogging...

because we don't have internet at our weekend destination of choice! So, LML told me, leave the laptop home, and maybe you'll get more inspiration to write and do different things.
I hate it when he's right. I needed an endless supply of paper to do just that, without a laptop. Something that I didn't have, for ideas that were playing around my head too fast for me to write down!

I have many pictures of fabulous eats that have been devoured throughout birthday week. Thursday, a dear friend suggested a yummy sushi place that I hadn't been to (yet- shocking, I think) and it was SO GOOD! There's a roll they have there all year round (EEEE!!) called Halloweenie! I just might go there to pick some up tomorrow!

This week was filled with fabulous things: gifties and books, coffees and sweets...and a weekend away with LML. First things first, we dropped off the pup at home and went for lunch :) I had a fantastic, drool worthy special of lobster ravioli! It also came with soup, and a warm brownie for dessert! Yum yum yum yum...moving on... :)

We visited a vineyard, a farm, a haunted attraction (of course, not ready yet) and a cemetary that I have had years to go to. Why a cemetary? Well, 'tis the season...and the last time I visited I got mad because there were so many headstones hidden in the forest!! Seriously, like a scary movie. I felt bad, and I went back to see if they were still hidden...and they weren't!! YAY!

I'm pretty sure after that, we journeyed back to pup and stayed in. Woke up Saturday, had some coffee, and moseyed on our way to more shops...and a delicious Chinese Food Buffet...with sushi! Purchased deserpately-needed socks...visited a few more farms...a went home before the rain began. Sunday...coffee, lunch at home, visit to garden stand with pup...and back to during-the-week homestead!

It was a wonderful weekend..ending with a viewing of Garfield's Halloween Special...if you don't count being up all last night because LML is sneezing in my face. But that's a story for another day!!

Here's to a wonderful week!

PS- We also spotted a family of 3 deer hanging out in the yard <3


  1. Have you checked out the Ninja Sushi place? I think it is in New York, which for some reason I believe you are from (if not I'm sorry I may not be completely awake yet this morning). They apparently serve some of the dishes with swords, and pop out of hidden panels. Saw it on a show about outrageous restaurants on the travel channel once.

  2. I am in New York and I've never heard of the Ninja Sushi place...it sounds amazing! Now I'm gonna look it up :)

    Hope all is well with you!! I love your blog!!

    Much Love,


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