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(photo courtesy of http://www.iho.ohi.org/)

No one likes to write but everyone likes to have written. -Joel Salzman

Apparently Mr. Salzman had deep rooted issues with writing and shouldn't have been doing it in the first place? I have loved to write since I was a little girl- journals, short stories, even book reports! I wish that I still had my old diaries, which I am 100% sure my Daddy threw away by mistake. They were so pretty.

At least the ones that I did hang on to I'm trying to turn into a book, right?

To date, I have written [completed!] one novel, 6 children's books, & 5 unfinished books that are about 50-100 pages in. Can I find a publisher or an agent? No. Blech.

Can't it just happen already? Can I get my copyrights back, PLEASE? Stupid copyright.

In the meantime, all day yesterday I poured over books and magazines at Barnes and Noble. Check out archaeology.org- there are so many interesting stories and articles online AND in the magazine. I love reading about archaeology- I've always wanted to go to Egypt, I've lived in Greece...so to read about both countries always gives me the warm tinglies.

Above pictures are courtesy of Archaeology.org- there is an article where in gives you a list of Egyptian findings in New York. I must, must, must go check these out.

In the meantime, I have four mums to plant, food shopping to do, and will probably do that at the last minute so that I can blog & read :) And...possibly write!

Much Love & Hope you are well!


  1. MG,

    I went backpacking through Egypt a couple years ago. Amazing amazing amazing place!! Easy trip to do on super low budget too which was a big plus for us. How was living in Greece? Super envious!


  2. I'm super envious that you were in Egypt! I've always had a fascination, and it went on for years until my mother told me that some family migrated from Egypt to Greece. Maybe the fascination came from my genes :)

    Super low budget- that's us! Where'd you stay?

    Living in Greece is great- relaxing. Not much to do in the winter, but we were always out and about, sightseeing and what not. In the summer, there's so much more to do- tanning, swimming, water activities, etc. And the food? Heaven.

    Thank you for visiting my blog :)



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