Riddles, riddles

Morning. Dark. Indulgent breakfast- including coffee and powerade. I am sick and dying and I don't want to do anything. I usually like to putter around the house as well, and organize- but I haven't been feeling like myself.


My sister calls me this morning to tell me that she's going to have a heart attack. Why? I ask...she states that it's because her son and our other nephew are home from school today and because they have a cold. AND, I say? And what? She answers- that's it! So after an hour of yelling and screaming that she lets the kids walk all over her, and throws stupid trivial things up out of proportion to have SOMETHING to bitch about, I feel like GAH!

I don't understand parents today. [Namely, my siblings as parents] Growing up with my parents and grandparents, whatever was for dinner is what you're eating. You're going to bed when I tell you. No video games until the weekend. I need to see that your homework is done. (what the hell is wrong with this dog barking next door?? SHUUUUUUT UPPPPPP!!!)

Then, my sisters. Same house. Same family- different times. Both sister give choices to their kids- what they want to eat, where they want to go and when, what they want to wear....THEY'RE KIDS! They want to roll around in the mud and play and eat when you tell them. My oldest nephew didn't know that okra was a word.

Moving on- Presently I am reading, 'My Life in France' by Julia Child. It's quite good. I used to watch her show when I was young, and I saw Julie and Julia and thought that since her life seemed inspirational from just the movie alone...the book should be so much better...

So far, it is.

On the agenda for today- maybe walking around downtown Manhattan...or signing up to a writing class. Both or either would be nice- even though I just want it to be a quiet and relaxing day.

Hope you are well,

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