Closet Space

Welcome to my crazy-house. These are snapshots of our closets...

Crazy, right? That doesn't count the two dressers packed with mostly my things...and all the items of clothing LML has left at his parents house. Hopefully, we'll be acquiring some more closet place (wink, wink) within the next year, so that will be a good thing. We are constantly cleaning them out of pieces we have stopped wearing or have deemed worthy for work or gym only. Isn't it crazy?
Yes, and a little messy...
This is the collection of fairies I've started and finally completed, straight from Greece:

From left to right: winter, night, autumn, summer, spring,  and day...I now need a new collection to pursue!

This is our hookah that is used as decor, because no one will teach me how to do it- and LML is too lazy to help when he gets home from work. Poor baby. I love hookah!
Things on the agenda, still? You don't want to know...not even I want to know. But it's true that when things happen, they happen in threes. What a pain. Just when I am starting a new business, a thousand other prospects come into play. Isn't that the way it always is? Geez. That's aside from the gallery entry I wanted to do, the website I wanted to create for my photography, the writing class I wanted to take...yipes.
Slow down, right? I'll just keep writing my to-do list, so please go out and have fun so that I may live vicariously through you, you sweeties!

Much Love,


  1. You're closets are so organized! They put mine to shame. Think I'll go work on that!

  2. Nooo! I don't think they're so organized...mine looks like a warzone! Mine is the first one, half of the second, and 1/3 of the last photo, minus the shelf (mine).
    I put up the pictures to motivate myself to clean them up...lol :)

    Have a good day!!
    Much Love,


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