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This weekend was the first taste of fall for me. Crisp air was tickling the velvety petals of mums and other delicate posies. Thank Goodness.

Technically, I am over the chaos that happened during the weekend. Mainly, because I had nothing to do with it. It's irksome.

Saturday was a lovely day, though. LML got me up real early to go look for plants, trees or flowers for the yard. We found mums- HUGE ONES- for $5 each...and everywhere else, all the other stores and shops- even that same store- they were marked for 15. We don't care that they were floppy, we're still going to plant them and they will be beautiful.

(as you can see, even pup loved the mums)

LML's idea was to snip off the floppy pieces to give a bouquet to my nephew- who lives quite nearby. So we put together a big bouquet, and left it on his stoop. Then, I called my sister to hear his reaction when he saw them...and he said...am I getting married? Oh no, Chrissy did this! Look at the face she drew on the letter..

The letter states: Roses are red, violets are blue, nephew is sweet, smart and quite cute. :D

He loved it.

Soon after, LML took me for a wonderful meal of sushi, which my niece coincidentally made later when we passed by her house.

I love sushi. A lot. I am so glad there are sushi buffets in New York. So LML scored necessities for his wardrobe, since he so generously stocked my wardrobe the past 2 weekends before this one. And he purchased for me the white button down shirt I have been longing for :)

We ran into a friend shopping yesterday, and that was fun as well...she is one of my favorite people on this earth and I am so lucky that she is my friend <3

Other things going on:
*I have purchased candy corn as per my favorite holiday season:

* I have continued gardening and photographing things that make me happy:

(inspirational, but not mine ) <3

Until next time...

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