a new day, a new life

(that's baby me.)

There's a lot of things that you should know about me. My name, where I'm from, etc. but...
I'm not going to get into specific details- it'll be more mysterious that way, and these days people need a mystery.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am currently living in New York and am unemployed. Isn't that shocking? Fine, I'll spare you my weak attempt at a joke. This economy is just not funny. I do a lot to fill out my day, as I am a complete DIY woman who is married and always in the middle of 100 projects.

Literally. 100.

I have a lot of likes and dislikes and I know it's not easy to start a blog when people know you. I love to write, cook, craft, photograph events or just anything, scrapbook...so I discovered blogging as a way I can do all three :)

Believe me, my life? It's not boring. I do A LOT during the day.

I have a passion for books, the arts, reasearching and learning. Eating and Cooking, Cinema, Languages, Fashion, and especially Travel. I love learning about psychology and nutrition and things to do around New York or anywhere for free or close to it


Unemployed writer living in New York.
How cliche is *that*?

I know a lot of people, been in a lot of situations and am not afraid to divulge.


Today I will be baking banana bread and popping my okra in the oven before it gets warmer out- I woke up to a lovely fall-like day.

Thank you for joining me on my crazy journey through my life, and blogging :)

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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