My New Book: Not Rid of You Yet.

My new book will be called, 'Not Rid of You Yet.'

Sounds great and interesting, right? Sure.

Hodgkie-Lymphoma decided to stick around after my 6 cycles of ABVD (without the B, that tried to kill me) Chemo.

What's the deal now- more chemo!

So a few weeks ago was my first actual stay at a hospital-- for 3 days of ice chemo that i blazed through unlike the ABVD chemo. I went through it just fine-- but the 2 days after that, being home was not so fun for me or my poor hubby, who has been taking care of me and giving me extra cuddles through this whole thing.

It really turned out, for me, not to be so bad. What's worst is the emotional turmoil of going through this still and now with all new drugs and procedures that is not fun. I was a crying/angry mess until about a week ago when I figured, let me go for a reiki massage.

It was my first time going for one, and I didn't know what to expect. All I knew is that I have to change everything since #fxckingcancer is sticking around, so this would be one of the steps.

The Reiki-Massage was life changing. It really was- I felt so great as I left the spa that I couldn't even explain it to anyone. I'm definitely going to go get another one and think everyone who's ever stressed should try to find a place/person who offers this service.

I have to give a huge thank you to my friends and family who have been with me through phone calls, hospital visits, text messages, mail packages, doctors visits and randomness. This is by no means an easy ride, and you've all made me feel less like a "creature" and more like a human out in the real and regular world. Thank you for understanding my mood swings, and MIA-ness, and for everything else :)

and for cake. and ice cream.

Since last week, I've begun meditating-- I have to say, it's helped a lot. A LOT. You can't imagine what having the big C is like, so to have outlets like writing, hobbies, movies...then massage therapy and reflexology...and a support team...

let's just say, i'm ready to kick hodgkin's ass.

edited to add:

oh yeah- i'll be going bald/hairless cat again.
also, seriously, i'm looking for a publisher-- if not for this book i'd like to write, then for the other one's i've written!! please, help!!

@theellenshow i want to see your show when this fight of mine has been won!!

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