there is so much going on that i can't begin to go through it all.

happy first of march! exactly 2 months more until my no-fun adventure with hodgkin's lymphoma hopefully comes to an end. that alone is enough to make me want to jump up and down for the rest of my life. seriously.

my first book discussion on images of america: greeks in queens took place at the bayside historical society last friday (thankfully, time flies, especially during chemo week when you're stuck in a sleepy-haze). i had the best time and met a lot of great people. here's some photos...

it was quite fun. between events like this and friend-based fun about to happen, i couldn't be happier. it'd be great if chemo was over already!

really, chemo sucks cuz you want to end it as soon as possible and as a result, you stay home more. but i'm making plans to go (and be) out all the time come springtime.

it can't come fast enough.

so please, if you have any ideas of fun activities (new york based or otherwise, cuz we all know i am NOT staying home) please let me know. whosthatgamine@gmail.com

can't wait to catch up on your blogs now!!

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