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Chemo sucks. Just freaking sucks. In the meantime, I've been making some (quiet for now) life changes and mini-home improvements to help myself move right along to springtime (and booking some discussions and events for my book, Images of America: Greeks in Queens...above and center).

Next time is chemo #8-- and 4 more to go after that. I still can't quite believe that it's happening to me and why, since I was so careful...I try not to think this way, but this is what happens the week I am 'on' chemo. Truth be told, my brain functions aren't all there either during the week on. I hate it.
So, I am holed up in the house in much more beautiful weather than the winter ickiness we'd grown accustomed to getting, and it's got me reeling and waiting for the day when I can go out, or stay in, and do what I want.

what chemo reminds me of...before, during, and after.
Bella's Transformation

Though I haven't gone past the during stage, I'm looking forward to after. That, and some hairs are growing in, spunky little things.

there you have it. i hate this and my brain is mush. can't wait for spring.

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