hello chaotic self...

(at least i have a cute doggie who snuggles with me :) )

It's been quite a while since I've felt like myself- since my body has waged war on me, really.
Why? I don't know. I exercise, eat right, haven't globetrotted anywhere in these last few months, pretty much no stress (yeah, yeah, insert world's smallest violin here, I know...)

Oh, one cause of stress: my book coming out in bookstores, see here

To make matters- interesting- it started to hurt my entire body when typing so I was inspired to visit my Mom's Holistic Doctor.

Monday was my first time receiving acupuncture. I was not relaxed, and almost immediately I got a case of the itchies. In my ear, on my cheek, on my forehead...but the doc told me not to move.

So, I didn't.

The second part of my therapy is tea. The tea is geared toward my 100 ailments- she gears them individually towards each patient and they have an almost immediate effect. However-

it's gross. Vile. Ew.

The doc told me to just suck it down and not think about it. Twice a day until this coming Monday.

I finished my third cup today.

I've had a disgusting cramp in my leg- which could be any number of things but other than that, I've been feeling a teeny weeny bit better.

I'll catch you up ASAP!

Hope you're all feeling wonderful and please shoot me 'feel good' vibes :)

Love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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