dream a little dream....

everyday, one of my best friends puts a status up on facebook about the things she is thankful for. i love this practice. even though with some projects, i feel that i've bitten off more than i can chew-- i know it benefits me to be grateful for the project itself. and for almost completing it!

so, today, inspired by bff, my grateful list is:

  • the weather we've been having, coupled with the fact that plants, flowers and trees are already blooming- in mid March!!!! In NEW YORK!!!
  • being born into my family, because- yay :)
  • LML- who I love so much and has bought so much of everything- especially happiness- into my life. 
  • for growing up, literally and sometimes painfully, with LML
  • for my friends- because I got the best ones. i know it.
  • for my planning and consulting skills...which it took others to point out to me (especially LML, who has learned to be patient)
  • for my puppy, because he thinks he's a person. 
  • to do lists. they make me happy.
  • technology- because sometimes, it helps.
also- regarding dreams. 
i'm a whopper when it comes to dreaming things up---

for example, last night it was a kind of rewind to four years ago and i was having conversations with people i haven't seen since during my daily routine THEN.

figure that one out.

so to my friends, and dream-friends...
thanks for listening!! and being there ;)

(please tell me i am not the only one dreaming insane dreams!)

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