when you know better, you do better

it's our culture, probably everywhere.
and it's pretty sad.

thinking back,
i had what i thought was a few very good friends;
and the thing that they both had in common was

one had detailed lists...
of what she had,
what she was going to buy,
how much it cost,
and how long she'd have to work to get it...

well, that part i understand. you have to work to get where you are-
physically, mentally and emotionally.

for a while, i wasn't any better and as a teenager...
especially once i got my first run at credit cards. holy crap!
then of course, i fell in love and my life fell into place.

that one friend was ultra competitve with me
(i don't know why- hate to be competitive)
and would say things to me like,
"well i have that now" and "well i can do that, too"

this lasted up until a few years ago--
and though we were never close after the competitive game
i hope that she has found what she's looking for
because STUFF is just stuff.

which brings me to this point...
it's the holidays. time for families,
and love.

If you make your stuff your priority,
chances are you'll lose your family.

that's just not the right kind of chance to take.

family, friends and love come first.
love is all we take with us-
so the next time you find yourself
REALLY NEEDING that new ipad
OMG I need to get to the stores to get out of this house...

think about love...love yourself enough to give some time
during the holidays
and all year round
to your loved ones.

please :)

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