christmas past III

our first 'married' christmas tree
in our first home
and our happiest memory surrounding it
was our new puppy, my total inspiration,
who enjoyed eating the tinsel
while decorating.

so out of our new home
and new lives...
we, of course,
trek to greece
for our honeymoon.

was beautiful...
and happy...
and though it was not our first time in greece seperately-
it was our first time there together...

we felt as if we were on top of the world.
and i was only 24.

us being babies,
never detered us
from our hopes and dreams
and what we had to go through
to reach them.

5+ years later and
all the better for it--
our present selves
would love to tell our past selves
to hang in there...

because our lives

we're so blessed.

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