any given morning...

(photo borrowed from pinterest-- which i can't get a handle on.)
on any given morning,
if you are standing outside my door
you can hear the tv on
and me puttering around my kitchen.

maybe you'll hear the birds chirping
or cats meowing in my yard.

the smell of coffee
and baking bread
will probably knock you off your feet-
until other aromas will float around
by late afternoon
in preparation for dinner.

maybe you'll smell
the laundry being pulled from the dryer
in a fresh but heady scent...

or the smell of paint
coming from a long-worked on craft
in my office.

of course, you'll hear the vaccum
and my puppy barking or
running around

maye the shutter of a camera i'm playing with
and definitely
the endless clicking of me
typing away at this keyboard-
a sound that is as familiar to me
as my husband's key fitting into
the lock

or my puppy's "moof" noise
at the prospect of getting more belly rubs
from his other best friend.

eventually you'll hear us chatter,
plates and utencils clinking,
laughter and the plop of us sitting
on our inviting couch
after the dishes are put away.

all of this makes home
and for all of this
i will always be grateful, thankful
and blessed.

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