i sit here thinking...

(my best friend and me)

thank you for stopping by.

if you've been here before,
thank you so much
for reading
and your sweet e-mails
and cheering me- and us- on!

thank you
thank you.

what you have to know
if this is your first time here--
is that i'm a writer...
and massive foodie.

i read...everything.
i love hand written notes,
and spent on the beach
with my hubby (LML = love of my life)
of the past 7 years.

my puppy is my life,
my family is amazing,
and i have the world's greatest friends.

so--i cook, i write, i drink wine...
i love to organize, plan and travel
and i love tea, blogs, and yoga.

LML loves the beach, studying,
and cigars.

my job?
homemaker, writer,
mama to the bestest doggie in the world.
wife, daughter, auntie.

my passion has allowed me to
write for FuzionMag
which is a new obsession of mine.

i love writing and illustrating my children's books
and novels.
i've self-published 4 of my works
and i won't stop there.

i collect:
stationery, seashells,
books, coffee mugs,  postcards,
maps, cookbooks,
from around the world.

there is so much more
that i'd like to share with you...

and i will.
and i hope so much
that you will share with me, too!

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