a writer in salem

as a writer, i was so excited to go see nataniel hawthorne's house...
it had been moved to the property on which the house of seven gables stands.

um- can we say awesome?

there are so many stories attached to the house of seven gables that it would be best for you to go there and hear them for yourself.

i won't say much just in case  you will make the journey there...it's a lot more interesting when you're standing in it (you can't take photos inside) and experiencing it for yourself.

my travel besties and i had an awesome time there- we probably could have spend the entire day exploring the grounds more intricately...

oh, and be careful going up the secret staircase ;)

you definitely need about 2 and a half to three days to see everything on your Salem to-do list.

if you have any stories, i would love to hear.
i'll post 'em.

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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