about this blogger...

things that you may not know about me...so, globetrotting gamine 101!

  • i cry watching sad commercials, and even horror movies.
  • i sing when  i'm alone in my house-- and my puppy sleeps right through it unless he hears the word "chicken".
  • i am a sucker for free apps to equip my ipod.
  • i have a penchant for the years 1900-1930 and i don't know why.
  • i love to cook, but can't bake for my life.
  • i kill it when i scrapbook
  • writing is my life-- but when the inspiration to illustrate or draw something hits, i call it a crafternoon
  • i'm a homebody. i like it. nothing can beat doing what you want in the privacy of your own home.
  • the movie single white female hits too close to home.
  • i'm even more in love with my husband than i was when i married him.
  • anything pasta is my go-to dish.
  • i am a coupon-fiend.
  • i love to blog
  • travelling is my life. i'd rather do that than work.
  • planning. decorating-- and anything involved with both? catch me if you can cuz i love it!
  • i have been a bridesmaid in way too many weddings and hopefully i'm done :)
  • two celebrities that i wanna be best friends with: sarah michelle gellar and zooey deschanel.
  • adam sandler and/or seth rogen need to call me. i have two movie ideas that need to get out there!
  • last week, i self-published my second children's book. that makes three books floating around out there by me. don't mind the illustrations :) and find them here!!!!

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