sweet new york

reasons why i love new york:
  • the comfort of knowing that you will never get to see absolutely everything to it!
  • the crazy views we get no matter what time of year it is (see above)
  • there's always something to do with someone you love
  • it's the writers' capital of the world- HELLO!
  • the fact that you can tell the people who were born and raised here from the ones who claim to be new yorkers
  • so many different culinary choices
  • easy access to just about everything
  • i never get bored
  • $12 or $$$$ pedicures!
  • puppy parks
  • the arts
  • the museums...
  • gotta love my peeps, the Greeks, and Astoria

been to new york and have a story?
let me know at:

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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