kalamata- it's not only olives

"so, i'm greek, right?"

one of my most favorite lines from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'.

being a Greek means that if your family had the means, you've had summers in Greece at least once in your life.
I've had about 20 summers in Greece, give or take.

being a Greek means that you have to travel to Greece at least once after you get married...be it to another Greek (which is preferred by most hardcore Greeks, or wanna-be hardcore Greeks) or to a xeno (which means a non-Greek).

have fun trying to bring a Greek who doesn't speak, read or write Greek down to Greece to meet your family- especially if you're married. Fortunately, we didn't have that problem.

Our only problem? Where will we pick up our breakfast before we get to the beach?
LML and I had two requisites for summers in Kalamata- constant access to the beach and some R&R throughout the day.

done and done.

I remember that there were days we would go to the beach twice- in the morning and then during sunset. It was beautiful to watch the sun setting high in the sky while swimming...floating in the arms of your one and only.

The 45 minute walks to get to the beach, and back were also crazy worth it- probably because of our never-ending conversations. We loved walking by cafenia (cafes), watching the tourists (haha), snapping pictures (me- and LML telling me not to because we'd look like tourists)... and the amount of exercise we got between all that walking and all the swimming would lead ultimately to...


Now, i don't have any pictures of the gelatos we would get. Why? Because the last summer we were there, my camera decided to kick the bucket about one day into our one month vacation.

Oh, Gelato.

Our nights consisted of: waking after our ciesta- getting all dolled up and hitting a different cafe for coffee or a beer (we'd sampled all the beers in kalamata during our last summer there)...or hitting the hookah cafe on the beach and watching the bellydancers... or going for the most incredible pizza in the world at Pizza Roma.

Ho. Ly. Cow.

Holy Pizza.

food...beach...swimming...r + r...what else is vacation all about?

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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  1. My grandmother was full blooded greek, my dad is half and i am a quarter. The greek festival just passed in our town and it is a lot of fun that is the closet we get to greece but if we could afford it i might go.


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