how are you? yes, it's been a while. please allow me to explain...

i have been battling my computer battery charger- to no avail. today, we seem to be up and running however and it feels like so much work has piled up around me.

i have been working for a new publication- more about that soon. I have been incessantly in and our of appointments, writing articles, reviewing products, all the while illustrating two of my children's stories which I plan to self-publish as soon as humanly possible. The fact that the computer kicked the bucket for about a week caused an upheaval of drawings, sketches, clearing out clutter from my house and working on paring down the massive to-do list LML and I shared.

We've been doing a good job, honestly. Thank God for that man's work ethic, especially after I got my left wisdom teeth removed. Egads.

Hmmm- what else has been going on? A few story ideas have mind-warped me, causing a bevy of loose notes, and memo pads held on my cell phone and other devices. I feel as if I am a constant sponge, absorbing everything at the drop of a hat only to bring out the creativity in another way.

Spiced ApplePear Butter? Made that.
French Course? Taking one ;)
Banana Breads of all kinds? Yay.
Wine tasting- again? Yep.
Working on selling photography- and it's catching on! Love tweeking these skills. Check.
Organized everything into one teeny binder? Done.
Notes on blog posts? Check.
Inspiration Notebooks? complete. organized and check.
Cleaned the whole house completely, as if it was my life's work? You betcha.
Pulled Pork in the slow cooker, speaking with publishers, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Of course, there are photos to follow.

Thank you for your concerned e-mails! The pup is wonderful- he is enjoying his fans on his facebook page.

We hope you're totally happy, and keeping happily busy...

~the globetrotting gamine and gang

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