a special birthday

a very happy birthday to my nephew...

he was born when i was 15 just about to be 16.
i remember when my mommy bought him home from the hospital- my sister was sick at the hospital and that left me, my Grandmother- God Rest her Soul-, and my other sister to take care of him.

while he slept for what seemed like hours, my sister who was home bound with me decided to take a shower. what should happen except that little nephew starts to cry and cry...so i jumped at the chance to pick him up.

i begged him, please don't cry and don't wiggle around while i try to pick you up! and i gingerly picked him up when i realized that my mom was wrong...
you can support a baby's bum when there is no bum to speak of.

so i held him and he stopped.

the rest, as they say, is history.

he is one of my closest friends.

when he was two, he pee'd on my boyfriend- and my boyfriend one day turned into my husband.

my nephew stood dutifully at the altar.

well, he did mark his territory.

this guy was the first little boy our family had.
my niece would beat up people, had she a chance to, dare they bother him.
my littlest nephew makes him crazy.
he doesn't like school but he loves sushi.

love love love him.

happy birthday <3

love me
the globetrotting gamine

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