Famished Menu and ok, ok post...

snow. again. really? it was over 50* degrees on friday and now we're back to this.

on the plus side- i've been having an uber-busy schedule since the snow had been melting...2 weeks of running around and having fun. i am thankful to be home today.

how were your weekends? did you discover a new place nearby? we did so much, and i'm pretty sure my friends, LML and I went through about 5 bottles of wine.

here's the rundown of what happened last week:
  • continued knitting/crocheting!
  • hung out with some besties
  • saw my baby friend!
  • saw Grandma
  • went to the doctor
  • found out i have to get a neck scan
  • hung out with parents
  • vineyards
  • restaurants
and LML's Birthday!! YAY!
we had an extraordinary week, filled with friends, family and lots of fun! it's been non-stop!

last weekend we actually returned from a mini-vineyard vacation FAMISHED...so we hauled ass to the kitchen and this is what we came up with following the kind diet menu:

some more wine with dinner- we freaking love malbec!

spinach salad with a splash of olive oil- teriyaki flavored pumpkin seeds and craisins.
yummy in my tummy. ok, our tummies.

freaking awesome pasta we picked up at a specialty store sauteed with onions, garlic, yellow peppers, spinach and tomatoes. MMMMMMMM

honestly, i am craving this again tonight.

so off to figure out how many posts it's going to cover my whole week and share with you guys <3

today's agenda:
  • crafts
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • yoga
  • writing
  • finishing illustrations for children's book #2!
my february list updates:

finish writing two of my novels

i have made oodles of notes- does that count? truth is, waiting for my published children's book to find their way to my home kind of held me back, and now that they are here i want to start making appointments to speak with whoever will list. 50+ book ideas can't be all bad. sign me, please!

finish illustrations for my second children's book

on this item, i've been doing pretty good!

stay in touch

ok, i have the best friends in the entire world- no questions asked. they were very amused by the letters and/or old greeting cards i sent them that i'd had from years and years ago...i have visited my friends and besties, and spent some time with family. i am quite the happy kitten (not to be confused with meow meow, from my previous post)

spread joy

i hope i spread a little, i tried my best :)
say i love you more

this is the goal i've kept up best. i kind of think that i'm STILL driving poor LML crazy...

20 minute activity three times a week

this has been one of the easiest commitments to keep. did i spell that right? who knows!

wash windows

not yet.

wash walls

clean grout

have begun!
scour pots and pans-

one down...a million to go...
polish wood

research my spring activities

donate, donate

almost ready!!
cook/bake new things (this is where 'the kind diet' resolution comes in)

today, sweet potato gnocchi. tomorrow, the world.

begin making appointments for activities in springtime (march and on)

yep, we're on track!

off to the drawing board with my horrid ear infection or sinus infection or something that's insisting on killing me as we speal.

what's up with you? share, share!

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