snow and sanitation

mayor bloomberg:
i think you suck. you're quite horrible. please go away. but before you do, can you please tell me why the garbage and recycling has not been picked up in queens for the past month? i'm sure you're neighborhood is shiny and clean (because let's face it, you're the mayor- which is a conspiracy theory) but other people can get sick if it stays out any longer. speaking of sanitation:

dear sanitation workers:
i'm sorry that mayor bloomberg is directing you people in all different directions and at different, grueling hours of the day. it's not your fault he sucks. i would like you to have him pick up all the garbage that's been left out for the day. and snow plow at the hours that you guys are running so he can see how hot you feel.

dearest society who is out there shoveling and breaking backs and bones:
if you raise hell against this crap, i'm in.

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  1. Ask the unions. They're behind this and they stink


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