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good morning, bloggie friends :)

please don't be mad at me for not blogging yesterday. i had so much to do and i have so much information to share that i am afraid of an onslaught of what i have to post will make you bananas.

Monday was a wonderful day, spent with my family and a dear bestie, talking about life and (what else?) food!

I was about to finish my manuscript when I realized that i had to go over it again (and thank God I did!) and at this very moment I am placing it on a different format.

Since my January list includes cleaning up house/shop and moving out clutter, Tuesday and Wednesday had me do just that...until 4 am yesterday morning, when I felt something protruding from my neck. Crying hysterically, LML woke up and cuddled with me and tried to assure me that it was from me being sick. I felt bad and tried to be very quiet and still so he could go back to sleep.

By 11:30 the next day, I had done laundry, hung out with my sister, and finished a visit to the store for the necessary items. AND I had gone to the doctor, who solidified what LML had told me. So now I have to change up my vitamin regime and take my anti biotics until I am better. And keep my neck warm. I am parading around the house in a sweat suit and scarf, drinking lots of tea. It's quite fun today really because...
I am cleaning out EVERYTHING! This began on Tuesday, when I moved my printer from my office to my dining room table where I get the most sunlight. From that point, I cleaned out every internet file and moved every box of binders and papers that had not been filed yet and started downsizing.

(that's where the information I've gathered comes from...)

Binders FILLED with stuff that I was gathering before we got married. Tips on how to organize, clean up clutter, and general happinness.

It makes me uber-happy.

I will not be in contact with anyone today until some things are completed. I need structure! I need schedules- AND I'm addicted to them. I have also been preparing a lot of vegan meals, vegetarian meals and general yumminess.

How have you been spending the week?
Did you hear about the pending snow storm in New York?

Ew ew ew

Let me know- I love hearing from you all :)

love me,
the globetrotting gamine


  1. Oh, I do hope you feel better soon! And I need to do some serious de-cluttering, too!

  2. I hear ya on the clutter!

    Stopping by from the Thursday hops.
    Hope you can visit-


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