oh, the places i'll go

Block Island, R. I:
  1. beaches
  2. lighthouses
  3. water street
  4. the spring house
Newport, R.I:
  1. bellvue avenue
  2. the mansions
  3. fort adams state park
  4. white horse tavern
  5. the museum of yachting
  6. the museum of newport history
  7. broadway avenue
Burlington, VT
  1. Northern Lights Adventure Center
  2. The Essex Culinary Resort and Spa
  3. Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center
  4. Higher Ground
  5. Church Street
  6. the Skinny Pancake
Poconos, PA:
  1. Adventure Campground at Whitewater Challengers
  2. Tanglwood Resorts
  3. French Manor Restaurant
New Paltz, NY:
  1. Huguenot Street
  2. Mohonk Mountain House
  3. Main Street Bistro
  4. Wallkill Valley Rail Trail
  5. 36 Main
I'd like to see all of Massachusetts, let's not get into that :)

And in New York, once again:
  1. Sands Point Reserve
  2. Northport
  3. The Watermill Center
  4. Bamboo Forest (Stony Brook University Campus)
  5. The Custer Institute and Observatory
  6. Cinema Arts Centre, Huntington
  7. Pine Barrens
this is my "local places to stop at list" for now.

now, can the snow melt, please?

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  1. If you go to Newport, you should also walk around the Wharf. It's really pretty.


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