my january list- part one

if you go back to this post, you will read my list of goals for the month of january.
here's what i've done so far in respects to:

  • clean out the house of negative stuff
  • clean it out of un-necessary clutter 
  •  add all articles to blog i thought were interesting (and hopefully you will, too)
  • add to blog list of items i wanted to blog about
i think i accomplished SO MUCH so far this week. here's what happened monday and tuesday, aside from writing and research...

i took down the christmas tree, and put all ornaments in the ornament organizer.

i cleaned out and purged things from this spot in my kitchen
(sorry, i don't have photos of the before )

i cleaned out my closet and drawers...i didn't organize it yet
the picture above my closet shot are the items going to donations at the church.

cleaned and cleaned out
the freezer and refrigerator
do you see my tofu, cider, greens in a bag and beer?

i cleaned out this cabinet that's in the corner of my kitchen.
i didn't shoot the before picture on purpose.
you did not want to see the before.

i cleaned out LML's closet, and will
bring stuff shown to my office.

i HAD to clean out this part of my pantry. it was making me crazy.
whew- it looks a little better now.
my family likes to fatten me up by giving me chips and cookies.
thanks, family. it's my just in case stash :)

i also cleaned the ceiling fan, and cleaned out a box from the boiler room.

and cooked.

and as for those last 2 items...
my blog is going to explode with information from now until february.

do you have a january to do list?

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