menu- turkey veggie chili

what to do when you're stuck at home on a snow day?

there's the shoveling,
and take out the crock pot!

ah i love it!

what's better on a cold day, i figured- than turkey veggie chili?

clean and boil the beans til soft

brown the turkey!!

start setting up the spice part of the ingredient list

chop an onion...
that little white ball in the photo is an onion

they should look like this when you're done

chop up the pepper after cleaning
and the carrots and garlic, too

that's what the set up should look like before you throw everything in the crock pot.
in the order you've seen it here, of course.
give it all a quick stir.
check in on it every now and then
see if you'd like more tomatoes or tomato sauce
as time goes by.

5 hours on your timer...

dinner is served :)

i'll let you know how LML likes it tonight <3

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