last night's dinner menu

i was cleaning out that pantry
so i took out the breadmaker,
and the semolina pasta flour
and figured, let me use it :)
so there goes the semolina flour and other ingredients. i always add herbs to mine to
make it taste nice.

that was after some rolling. i brushed the top with almond milk

this was the second
(yes, second)
loaf of the day.
i had the ingredients, and figured, why not?

we can use it for dinner and freeze what we don't use til next time.

oh, there's the second batch being stirred.

ah, dinner.
"take out the tilapia and season it" LML said.
so i did.

and he cooked it because i burn things.

leafy yummy greens.
sauteed in e.v.o.o with garlic, of course.

hands down, with the tomato salad
it's one of my favorite dinners ever!

what is your favorite dinnerm?

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