welcome aboard!

dear bloggie friends, old and new,

hi and welcome to (or back!) to my page.

i am the globetrotting gamine, and there has been a serious amount of cha-cha changes going on in my life this year...

as of late i have learned that blogging is a very important part of my life and i am going to try my best to entertain you...and myself!

how has everything been with you all? the holidays are around the corner and jack frost is nipping at my nose like you have no idea. winter has snuck up on me along with yet another to-do list that's a mile long.

i love to do lists.
i love that one of the items on my to do list is to hunt for a new agenda book.
and i love that agenda books are half-off after january first :)

life is complicated, isn't it? i feel i have to write it all down or i'll forget. photograph it, or the memories slip away. i've been very digilent lately in the photographing aspect but not with the writing aspect. i apologize if my words are jumbled, as i haven't been getting the right amount of winks! there has been so much going on that there has not been ample sleep...
not that i am complaining. this year has been amazing.

with that being said, i am off to complete some items on my list, and dig up interesting facts, stories, and antecdotes about my life for you.

if you'd like to do the same for me, i'll credit you!

and as Eloise says, "Being Bored is NOT ALLOWED!"

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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