happy monday!

doesn't it drive you crazy that
you have so much to do on mondays?

not me!
i love it!
in fact, i believe i am obsessed with mondays-
i love making my to-do list for the day
that turns into the to-do list for the week :)

i love hearing people gossip
about what happened over the weekend
while i am on line waiting for some java
and dunkin' donuts...

i love to try to figure out how long
it's going to take me to finish the four books i'm reading
only to daydream about which other one i will be
acquiring at barnes and noble...

a chicken roasting in the oven

my office project

all cabinets and drawers-again!

and figuring out...what else i'm going to do today <3

i know the clock turned back on sunday early-morn
but there's still not enough hours in the day!

what are you up to on this lovely wintry-morning?

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