Travel Style: Indiana Jones

Hi Bloggie Friends:

How are you? I hope you don't mind my thousand posts today- truth be told, I have been backed up! I am looking forward to reading what has been going on in your worlds...and speaking of worlds: it got me thinking.

If I wasn't home, I'd be travelling- and if I could have any job, it would have to involve travel.

The Indiana Jones movies are a DVD set that I've yet to require. LML and I own an interesting collection of movies, yet that set has never battled its way in.

Why I want the DVD set? To re-familiarize myself with the movie, dream bigger...and oh YEAH!

The clothes:

one of the most interesting characters...
but not the most interesting man in the world...

to me, that's this guy:

(LML and I- Montreal, 2009)

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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