my research project

good morning, dear bloggie friends:

i had an idea. (this happens to me too much!)
i was hoping that you can help me with my research project...i've been really curious about some things lately, mainly because i've had time on my hands. i've quizzed all my friends and family except you lovelies out there in the globetrotting bloggie world!

so here's the deal: i have a list of questions!
you can answer one or all...
through e-mailing me or comments!

and if you'd like me to post them, i will
and if you need help with anything, i'll help!

the questions are:

*did you ever have any recurring dream(s)? if so, what are they about?
(mine are crazy, so i will tell them to you if you want to know. i have oodles)

*what is the strangest thing that ever happened to you in high school/ throughout your high school years?

*have you ever had deja-vu? how often and do you get a feeling about them after?

thank you in advance for all your help!!!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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