do you journal?

happy tuesday to all!
wanted to share with you an entry from a 2002 journal of mine. I thought it was funny enough, since my life has done a complete turn around- and i know a lot of you can relate to me, then!

so here goes:
9.17.02, 11:31am

Ever wanna get everything organized, but got too lazy to even try? that's how i feel right now. i'm in between 3 books, homework, school and work. i have to drop off my laundry today, be in school early (which i totally forgot about) and i have a million things to do before the party on Friday! Blah!

I hardly have time to even write here!

Yesterday, I started Christmas shopping, which is good. If i get that done early i have less things to worry about.

I need to shop.
I need to do homework.
Need to read and go to Macy's [preferably tomorrow]

I'm on a lipgloss kick that won't ened. I think I've become a fanatic. i have to start using them more. Oh, I also have to figure out a gym schedule and what I'm wearing on Friday.

But how many hours are there in one tiny day?

I need money, vacation, everything! Sigh. Oh well.

Back to trying to get organized...cuz my hand hurts.


Ah, the me of yesteryear!
(me with friend's baby. circa 2002)

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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