welcome to my office :)

today, i am in my office to dodge the humidity. it is supposed to be 90* degrees outside, but the humidity makes it feel like 120. not a drop of rain has fallen yet and this saddens me.

usually, i could decorate the hell out of any space...but my office. my office? mmm...it's going to have to roll with the punches right now. it's going to have to deal with me being able to work in it effectively before i add some finishing touches. so forgive the mess- here are some pictures of the updates :)

the globetrotting gamine's gotta be stationed somewhere, right?!

my assistant supervising the chaos.
an up-close shot of my desk
the catch-all area...
taken on an angle so you can view 2 of my boards...
shelving :) for now...
refrigerator, to be used for my end of summer wine run!
my assistant with one of my manuscripts...you can tell by the post-its!

any tips on how to organize...or install microsoft word...let me know <3

hope you're having a wonderful wednesday!

globetrotting gamine

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  1. Your sweet assistant is so like my number 1 assistant Patsy. I'm sure she's just as helpful too :-)


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