i. heart. BrownEyedBelle :)

Find her here...I must have spoken about her in the past...SHE'S AWESOME, and a fellow SCHOOL COUNSELOR <3

She tagged me...so here goes:

The rules are to share seven things about yourself and then tag fifteen blogs. I can do this :)

I know I talk wayyyyy too much so I am going to try to be as random as possible...

1. right now, i'm watching friends and leafing through the last two months of Vogue.

2. i learned that my family had once cured a scorpion bite when they lived in greece.

3. i have an editor (!) but no publisher as of yet. still working on, and WILL self publish.

4. i love yogurt and hummus.

5. my puppy "assistant" rolls over on his belly when i turn on the fan, so he can get air "down there"

6. i read an awful lot, way too much...and i write too much, too. ever been in the middle of 10+ books?

7. my best friends were competing as Ms. New Jersey and Miss New York in the Vegas Pagents this year.

8. i am fluent in greek, conversational in spanish, and  can hear you straight across a noisy room when you're whispering.

9. my to do list constantly has babies.

10. i make a mean meat sauce for pasta.

and now I am tagging:
Hope you guys find out I tagged you!! My computer is a little nutty and it goes to show...

you should always keep an eye on my blog! lol

Have a beautiful weekend, people!

globetrotting gamine

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