i am disgusted.

cri will explain why, but to start off...i've missed my bloggie friends in my bloggie world. thank you so much for sticking by me even when i go M.I.A. My Grandmother was back in the hospital last week, and got out last night. Everything makes me sadder than usual, and more irritable than usual...i hope you can understand my opinions and not hold it against me :)

i read an article in the local paper today about schools and budgets. let me start off by saying"

the board of education: new york AND united states...you suck.

10 reasons why you suck from an average persons eyes...namely, mine...

1. you let horrible educators in to the school system and keep them there. educators who have never been tested for any MENTAL DISORDERS, and you let them destroy the spirit of children, colleagues and the school environment itself.

2. when i was interning at an elementary school in 2003 in new york, the DOE deemed it fit to tell half the class to go OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM to read quitely to themselves while the other children stayed behind to learn. in a class of 25!!!! 25!!!!! they were in the THIRD GRADE....when i complained that they are not getting they are reading done- you did nothing.

3. YOU DO NOTHING! what do you do?? test the potential of a child?? WHY DON'T YOU TEST THE POTENTIAL OF THE PRINCIPALS? Principals who are power hungry, who you've set to work with "School Superintendents" and "Mayor" Bloomberg (who in fact, has never been an educator and makes passes at young women, many of who have told me THEMSELVES) and allows budget cuts?? WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

4. Why isn't every school self- goverened? Shouldn't the principal be in charge of the school? What higher power should they be looking up to for the well-being of the children and the environment?! I don't even WANT to know who the highest power is...and I've heard it all, believe me.

5. Why is it that all the great educators get shoo-d out? Are you afraid? Obviously.

6. The Board of Education is not a democracy, and I have come to believe that it is definitely not in the well being of our children anymore. They are doing away with a lot of private schools...now there are budget cuts in public schools, with many public schools being shut down. WHY? do we have a lack of children to fill the classes????

then why are there well-over 25 students per class now? you idiots. then you test students thinking that they hear your droning voices from way in the back of the classroom.

7. Furthermore, these horrible and nasty and over 60 year old educators? The people that fall into all three categories? WHY ARE THEY STILL WORKING??

and you try to make us believe that it's our fault? moving on...

8. What about the vast amount of cases educators past and present have against the BOARD OF ED? Why does it take so long to get an answer? Too busy buying your multi-million dollar mansions, and your mercedes?

Bloomberg- I visited your home in the Caribbean. Get over yourself.

9. I've noticed that many people in the Board of Education do not like it when you have an opinion that varies. It should be the same as theirs...as if you were clones, robots, droids. You only hang out with each other, have no other friends, and then gloat? Why? Did you forget about the life you used to have before it sucked you in? More power to you.

10. CHILDREN is what the school system should be about. Their brains, academics, what we teach them, their LIVES!!! NOT YOURS! You hold innocent little peoples academia in your hands, and when you want you squish their creativity, joy and academic outlets. You sick assholes. Trying to dumb down America, aren't we??

Wake up, Parents & Students alike. They're trying to make us stuuuuuppppiiiidddd...

You'd think I'd feel better after venting, but I don't. I will vent more soon.

So much more makes me sick and maybe you're better off knowing than not knowing.

Globetrotting Gamine

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