are you still out there?

dear bloggie friends:

how are you? i am so sorry i have been a horrible blogger! summer proves to be entirely too busy for me. it's been one thing after another...and so much fun!
my favorite thing i have been doing so far is...remodeling/redecorating my basement into different spaces! I've created a home office! SQUEE! I have uploaded some pictures of what's been going on down there...

the top white room is my office. it's not complete yet but let me tell you- once i moved all "office materials" down there, all the rooms up here were PERFECT! It just goes to show that i read too much :)

the yellow room is now white...it's going to be an exercise room/pantry but it will be one of the last things we put together.

and then little guy in the last picture? that's my assistant, supervising the goings on in our office space.

shocking, huh?

have a wonderful week!

the globetrotting gamine


  1. Good luck with the renovations! Can't wait to see your office when it's all done! Yay!!



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